Christopher Delni Offord

Christopher Delni Offord served in the British army for 22 years, retiring from duty after he was injured during the Gulf War. Among his many accomplishments, Christopher was part of the Joint Army, Navy and Airforce Mount Everest expedition which rescued a team of Swedish climbers from certain death in 1992. Since leaving the armed forces, Christopher has shared his passion for art through teaching and running workshops out of his own studio in Wiltshire. He now works as an artist full-time and shows his works at major exhibitions across the UK. Having travelled and worked extensively around the world, much of the inspiration behind his art comes from his career and experiences in the army. His painting technique has been influenced by private tuition from the great Suffolk artist, Stan Harrington and his enrolment in the Academy run by American tonal artist Dennis Sheehan, whose works hang in the White House. Christopher leans towards tonalism and prefers to paint onto wood panel using oils, enjoying the unique and ancient preparation process. He is proud of his Italian roots and Christian faith and loves to express his thoughts through impressionistic interpretations.