Darren Horsnell

During Darren’s army career he served in Belize, Cyprus, Northern Ireland and during the Falklands War. He also served in the UK and was on duty the night the IRA planted an explosive device in the Guardroom of Woolwich Barracks. After leaving the army Darren became unwell and eventually spent time at Combat Stress where he was diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). During his time with Combat Stress he was encouraged to attend a number of programmes including art therapy. Art became a valuable coping strategy; so much so that Darren now volunteers for a veterans charity teaching art three times a week. Darren’s art, which often depicts beautiful landscapes where he could imagine living, is inspired by the works of wildlife artists Bob Ross and David Shepherd. His current work focuses on endangered wildlife. “For me, teaching art to Veterans and their families is better than any medication.”