Frances Brice

Originally a Scottish lass born in Dumfries and Galloway, Frances now resides in Lincolnshire - the land of big skies and big wide open landscapes. She grew up to appreciate the beauty of her homeland having spent much of her childhood cycling up and down country lanes near her home and walking along the sea shore dunes. Her love of art was clear even as a toddler when she was often found with a pencil or paintbrush normally defacing story books with scribbles and attempts to draw. She fondly recalls, as a young girl, tagging along with her uncle who was an artist on painting trips. Today, her work can be viewed in local galleries in Lincolnshire as well as online. Frances is an ex member of the Women’s Royal Air Force (WRAF), having spent time in Wiltshire and Germany in Air Traffic Control. “I feel art is in my veins - something I feel compelled to do…Sitting in my studio at my easel with Pink Floyd or something classical playing in the background and I am in my element totally blissfully unaware of either time or place”