Neil Silvester

Neil joined The Royal Green Jackets regiment in 1998 and was quickly promoted to Lance Corporal at the age of 19. He went on to serve as team commander in Northern Ireland and Sierra Leone. Having left the army in 2003, Neil settled in Scotland where he served a further 7 years in the Central Scotland Police. Having had 3 emergency back surgeries for Cauda Equina Syndrome as well as suffering from depression and anxiety since leaving the Army, Neil has sought some relief through his artistic talents. Following his surgeries in 2016, Neil has spent time developing his skills and is currently studying the HND Art and Design course at New College Lanarkshire. "I find that painting has been the biggest help in my rehabilitation following my back surgeries. It has also provided me with an outlet to exorcise the demons that depression produces in a positive creative way rather than the negative ways of my past.”