It's an option 2
Stephen Thomas

It's an option 2

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Original painting - acrylic on board

Width: 30cm / Height: 40cm
Media: Painting


Stephen - "This painting was inspired by a news story in 2009 which affected me greatly. The story related to a loving couple that ended their lives by jumping from Beachy Head. The couple had a disabled child that had sadly died of meningitis three days before. The father had placed the child in a rucksack whilst the mother carried some of the child’s favourite toys. The impact of this story on me was profound and as an artist I feel this image has been with me ever since. It is difficult to actually visualise how each person stood or what they wore on the day, the only real certainty were the rucksacks on their backs. At first glance, the painting appears to show two walkers looking out at beautiful scenery; once the picture narrative is understood the painting takes on a far darker meaning."

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