The Quarry
Christopher Delni Offord

The Quarry

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Original painting - oil onto wood panel with 2cm black floating frame.

Width: 60cm / Height: 60cm
Media: Painting
Tagged With: Abstract, Landscape


"This painting is inspired by my experience of the 1992 Joint Army, Navy and Airforce  Mount Everest expedition, which failed to reach the summit but succeeded in rescuing a number of Swedish climbers from certain death. This scene is Denham Quarry in Lancashire, the place where I attempted my first abseil at the age of 14 under the instruction of a 15 year old pal with rather dodgy ropes! The billowing sky reflects the potential danger I encountered but it is also infused with the sparing light of hope and the excitement of soaring on the wings of adventure represented by the lofty birds."

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