It's an option 1
Stephen Thomas

It's an option 1

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Original painting - acrylic on board

Width: 30cm / Height: 40cm
Media: Painting


Stephen - "As well-known suicide location this beauty spot hides a dark side. Sussex Police are at Beachy Head almost on a daily basis to help those who are feeling that they have no option in life other than to fall from here. This occasion saw a lone female standing at the edge refusing to engage with the officer. The outcome of this incident involved the distressed female finally allowing officers to walk her away from the edge and place her in a patrol car. Sadly, whilst officers tried to engage with this female, another member of the public leapt to their death just 200 metres away. This painting highlights the good work that is done on a daily basis by our emergency services and the pressing need to address mental health issues within our society."

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