That's no moon..
Stephen Thomas

That's no moon..

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Original painting - acrylic on canvas

Width: 14cm / Height: 14cm (made up of 4 canvases)
Media: Painting
Tagged With: Star Wars


Stephen - As a child of the 70s – 80’s it would be near impossible to not be a fan of Star Wars. My life long addiction to it has afforded me the opportunity to paint my favourite and most iconic image. The Death Star was good vs evil in its most basic form, where good wins but not without maximum effort. The painting took over a week to complete as a jig had to be created to place the four squares inside so that it could be painted across the canvases with continuity. Each box is only 7 cm squared as I wanted to juxtapose such a large ‘moon’ as the Death Star into a miniature form.

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