Tiger Pemburu
Karl Hamilton-Cox

Tiger Pemburu

Regular price £750.00

Original painting - leather surface painted with a specialised leather paint technique (framed)

Width: 60cm / Height: 60cm
Media: Painting
Tagged With: Tiger, Wildlife

An original painting of a Tiger portrait completed with special acrylic paint on lightly textured, high quality black leather box framed ready for wall hanging. "I like doing wildlife work with a realistic portrait-style making the animal the sole subject of the painting and only a hint of the surrounding it is in, in this case making the head subject stand out. There must always be some challenge in producing each leather artwork, in this case adapting my painting technique to capture a Tiger in high detail utilising the texture of the leather to provide a near 3D surface finish. The painting is framed and ready to wall-hang, the artwork is not behind glass - the extremely robust and tactile nature of the paint and techniques used means the painting can be touched."

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